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Wedding dress and evening gowns are our very precious clothes in our wardrobe, not only because is it the most expensive dress you will probably have, it will hold some of your most cherished memories

In order to preserve your wedding dress and evening gown in tip top conditions, it is very important that you have it properly dry cleaned and stored in the correct storage manner to avoid and prevent it from fading, damage and aging.

If you take your dress to a non-specialist cleaner many unexpected and disastrous things could happen that will ruin your wedding dress, for example, using the wrong cleaning solution or solvent could melt the beads, glue for adhering diamantes can dissolve and color could run or fade.

We are the professional and specialist in premium wedding dress dry cleaning services, we work very closely with many wedding dress designers and manufacturers where we understand the nature, design and the material of the wedding dress. All recommended cleaning method for all wedding dresses and evening gowns including that designer labeled performed by highly skilled and experienced staff. We are the trained specialist in dry clean, spot clean process and even those that do not have a cleaning care label on the dress.

We take pride in handling each and every dress with dedicated care and special attention on cleaning every spot in details regardless of what the price of every gown where it is valuable and precious in its own particular manner

You will definitely know how valuable your wedding dress is and how imperative having your wedding dress dry clean did by specialists is as well however equally important that you understand the storage requirement of your wedding dress precisely, at any point it might respond to the environment and stain or gather dust. Never store your wonderful wedding outfit in a plastic package for drawn out stretches of time, as this could cause mildew.

In the event that wedding gown cleaning is not done, any untreated stains, however minor, will soon progress toward becoming “set” into the materials and are probably going to cause perpetual permanent stamping stain. Some undetectable imprints, especially basic drink spills particularly sugary beverages, will dynamically obscure and oxidize with time and turn out to be exceptionally troublesome or exceptionally difficult to remove the stain later. Wedding Gown cleaning services are required as quickly as time permits to avoid any stains setting as possible. Give us a call and book an appointment our driver will collect your wedding dress or evening gown at your home or workplace


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Hire a responsible Wedding Dress and Evening Gown for Dry Cleaning is important

As a responsible wedding dress and evening / bridal gown dry cleaner, we are committed to ensuring:-

  • on time delivery of service
  • apply proper dry cleaning methodology
  • use proper dry cleaning solutions used for different materials
  • proper packing and handling

We understand that it is very critical that you get your freshly clean wedding dress and bridal gown to be delivered to you on time before your important wedding day, we advise you to plan ahead and kindly give us about 10 days to complete a proper cleaning. We do not want to over commit our service and let you panic on un-excepted delay or poor quality on cleaning where some stubborn stains are unable to remove on your garment where you must always provide us as much information as accurately where possible.

Our Wedding Dress and Evening Gown Dry Cleaning Service is simple

If you need to extend the shelf life of your precious wedding dress and evening gown by taking advantage of our professional dry cleaning services. We are highly recommended by most wedding dress company as we are one of the few specialist in Singapore in providing full services in cleaning your wedding dress and evening gown. Our customers will call us or email us to collect their wedding dress and evening gown if you are within Singapore or even Sentosa Island (Transportation surcharge apply for Sentosa only). If you are overseas you can send it to us with the original package or proper packaging, Delivery courier service charge apply for overseas customer Over the years of suede and leather experience, we have successfully combined the traditional handcrafted and proven methods with new and ever-changing techniques in order to maintain the highest levels of service and results.

  1. Simply place your wedding dress or evening gown in the bag along with any specific instructions otherwise we will follow the care labels.
  2. Contact us by calling our hotline or simply sign up a request online enquiry form or e-mail us
  3. As soon as we receive your wedding dress or evening gown we will begin our inspection, cleaning & treatment process.
  4. Once our processes are complete we will inspect, pack & deliver it back to your doorstep!
  5. Our wedding dress and evening gown cleaning process normally takes a minimum of 7 to10 days.

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