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uniform laundry servicesUniforms may also know as the statutory board or corporate workwear is a type of special clothing that is required to be worn to identify and symbolise a certain nature of an organisation or identify the professional occupation of individuals. Professionals like police officer, army, doctors, medical practitioners, lawyers, engineers, bankers, bank officers, chef and corporate bankers do have certain dress code to comply to identify their status in the society but not many people knows what are the actual name of the dress code unless you are a professional uniform laundry service and dry cleaning provider where you understand the expectation and requirement of the work wear. If you are in the

Uniform Laundry Service for Healthcare and Hospital  

Infection control on your uniform or workwear is one of the critical elements that your laundry service providers need to observe as many times there are blood, phlegm or other substance of the human body which is contagious and require special handling to prevent cross contamination to other clothing. We have the right chemical, equipment and procedures to get your uniform clean by removing the bacteria on your uniform and linen. Laundry wash at high temperature is strongly recommended due to infection control requirement the cost for laundry is normally higher.

Uniforms in the health care can be segregated into different categories of staff in the healthcare industry doctors, surgeons, nurses, medical workers and patient. Doctors uniform –white coat or lab coat, surgeons uniform – scrub, laboratory uniform is also known as laboratory overcoat or smock


Uniform Laundry Service Industry – Restaurant, Hotel and Food and Beverage (F&B) Industry

Hygiene and cleanliness are paramount if you are in the hotel or restaurant or F&B industry where we understand that it is unavoidable or very common that we observe red wine and oil stain on your uniform where special attention and chemical is required to remove the cooking oil stain.

The traditional chef’s uniform also known as chef’s whites garment which consists of a toque Blanche (traditional hat), white double-breasted jacket, and houndstooth-patterned or checked black and white pants.


Dress code or Uniform for Professionalscourt dress

Our dry cleaning service for professionals specially caters to professionals that require wearing top special designers’ label clothes for your important occasions like the STAR awards, charity shows where you require to dress well in front of national television and public audience and meeting VVIPS. We are the professional dry cleaners that will provide you with this excellent service.

We had many years of experience meeting the stringent requirements and high standards of Professional Lawyers, fashion designers, TCS Actors / Actress, Clown performer, Entertainer, Army Officers, Pilot and air stewardess where you required dedicated services is always a priority for you. Throughout the years we had been building the bond and trust in you for our excellent service quality.

Uniforms for Lawyers – Court Dress or court uniform


Dress Code or Uniform for Diplomats

Depends on the occasion and the functions and there is definitely no room for errors where at times you need your clothes to be neatly starch.

Man – Tuxedo or Suit which consist of a jacket, Shirt, tie,  vest (optional) pants Black, hip-length coat without tails and with silk or satin lapels (a white dinner coat may be worn in hot weather and the tropics)Low-cut black waistcoat or cummerbund may be worn with a single-breasted coat and dark coloured or black trousers

Ladies – formal dress or party dress or evening gown or ball gown or suit or cocktail dress


Dress code or uniforms for police, army and civil defence force

On the special occasion like National day parade, you definitely need to look great and dress well in front of special delegates from overseas or meeting VVIPS or cabinet ministers or members of the public.You must hire professional dry cleaners for your military uniform laundry where we could provide you perfectly clean and neatly pressed uniform without hassle

Military uniform comes with different type known as smart 4, No3 or No2 is also known as mess dress

Dress code or Uniform for Corporate

Depends on the requirement and materials. Dry cleaning is highly recommended for the suit to avoid shrinkage and colour run at the same time extend the life cycle of the clothing.

Corporate uniform for Male and ladies is normally full suit

Dress code or uniform for engineers

The uniform materials for engineers in the petrol chemical industry is very special where we commonly knew as NOMEX or fire retardance materials where only cold water wash is recommended. Stubborn embedded petrol chemical stains may not be able to remove completely

Uniforms for engineers can be in 2piece wear or a single piece Coveralls and boiler suits


We are the professionals for dry cleaning and laundry for uniforms where we have the experience and expertise in meeting your requirement.

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