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Leather Suede Jacket Cleaning Singapore

Leather Skin cleaning should only be undertaken and carried out by a specialist that is professionally trained with the relevant knowledge and skill in cleaning the leather suede jacket.
LaundryCares is the expert in the leather suede jacket cleaning in Singapore where we have been successfully treating a variety of skins for many popular labels and brands for many years.
We provide a comprehensive dry clean and laundry service of leather, suede, sheepskin and fur service for a range of items including: jackets, coats, waistcoats, skirts, suits, trousers, gloves, sheepskin rugs, motorcycle jackets, shoes, boots, handbags and many more

Leather Suede Jacket Laundry or Dry Cleaning

Our Environmental friendly Green cleaning process cleans items gently & efficiently, while also being better for you, your garments & the planet.

The benefits of Environmental friendly Green Cleaning methods are;

  • Provide Odourless Results
  • Bring back Softer & Brighter color
  • Cleaning agent used are Non-Irritating & non-allergenic for sensitive skins
  • Completely eco-friendly – No hazardous chemicals

These proprietary methods are ideal for delicate fabrics including silk, velvet, linen, cashmere & all skins such as leather, suede, fur, lambskin..etc

With the absence of the harmful hazardous chemicals also makes this process ideal for cleaning beaded & sequenced items such as evening wear, wedding dresses, traditional wear & saree outfits.

We will Re-fresh and rewax your jacket back to its former glory using our Specialist Wax Jacket Cleaning & Re-waxing service, As part of our specialist service, our expert team will also re-tint and re-oil all skins to preserve & restore your garments, bringing them back to their original glory.

Our commitment we definitely provide you guarantee satisfied with the results of our services.

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Hire a responsible Leather Suede Jacket Laundry or Dry Cleaning Service is important

As a responsible cleaner, we must advise our customers that some of the tougher stains may not be removable or unable completely remove after cleaning. Prior to prolonged exposure to heat or moisture from the environment, it can also mean that the item may lose some shape following cleaning & can also mean that color uniformity cannot be assured. Some cleaners used harsh scrubbing method to remove the stubborn stain that will eventually damage and reduced the leather shelf life where we do not practice. For the stubborn stain, we will try our very best to lighten the stain mark without damaging the leather.

Our Leather Suede Jacket Laundry or Dry Cleaning Service is simple

Why not prolong and extend the shelf life of your favorite leather & suede garments by taking advantage of our professional cleaning services.

We are the specialize in providing full service in cleaning your dedicated suede leather jacket. We provide both dry clean and laundry service of the leather suede jacket at an affordable price!

Our customers will call us or email us to collect their leather and suede jackets from all over the country for specialist cleaning.

Over the years of suede and leather experience, we have successfully combined the traditional handcrafted and proven methods with new and ever-changing techniques in order to maintain the highest levels of service and results.

  1. Simply place your jacket in the bag along with any specific instructions otherwise we will follow the care labels on the jacket.
  2. As soon as we receive your jacket we will begin our inspection, cleaning & treatment process.
  3. Once our processes are complete we will inspect, pack & deliver it back to your doorstep!
  4. Our suede and leather cleaning process normally takes a minimum of 7 days.

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