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Curtain Dry Cleaning Singapore

As curtains are made up of expensive dedicated fabric materials and it is essential to clean them regularly, to prevent dust from accumulating on it and trapping the dirt onto it. Most curtains manufacturers will recommend 3% shrinkage allowance for the cleaning process.

Furthermore, Curtains in general have high exposure to sunlight which can cause the curtain material to break down, and due to aging of curtain during the dry cleaning process it can become worn and damaged due to this sun damage.

There are several ways of cleaning them, such as vacuuming it, washing it in the washing machine, steam cleaning it or dry cleaning. Regular curtain dry cleaning help to preserve the quality of the curtain, and to allow it to have a longer lifespan.

In addition, dry cleaning also prevents shrinkage and the formation of wrinkles on the curtains compared to the outcome when using the washing machines and dryers. We highly recommend our customers to engage our curtains dry cleaning service at least once every 3 months.

We have specially selected environmental friendly solvents to use for curtain dry cleaning so the curtain will not shrink, color bleed and wrinkle after cleaning. The curtain dry cleaning solvent acts as a powerful cleaning agent which is able to remove any stubborn stains, molds or fungus growth and bad odor and your curtain will be remarkable looking new after cleaning.

Next, for lightweight day curtains and curtains which are made up of delicate materials, it is advisable to dry clean than wet clean.

Curtain Dry Cleaning Service Cost

The cost for curtain dry cleaning service depends on the size and materials of your curtains as the solvents used for cleaning are very costly where many customers may not be aware.

It’s a kind of weird if our concierge asked you the size and weight of the curtain when we quote you the price. As a guide, one piece of a curtain is weighed about 800g to 1.5kg per piece that depends on also the length of the curtain whether it is Half Length (Picture A &B) or Full Length (Picture C & D).

Blackout curtain usually is made of velvet materials may weigh as much as 2.5-3kg and it must be dry clean. Our collection crew will weigh the curtain in front of you to advise you the exact cost of dry cleaning of the curtain during collection.

We will provide the best quote to suit your budget and you will be reward with our efficient and high-quality service.

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Weight Of Curtains

Size of Curtains Materials Thickness Estimated Weight
1.5 m  X 137 cm Light / Medium 0.8 kg to 1.8 kg
2.0 m X 137 cm Light / Medium 1.2 kg to 2.2 kg
2.5 m X 137 cm Light / Medium 1.6 kg to 2.6 kg
3.0 m X 137 cm Light / Medium 2.0 kg to 3.6 kg

The table above gives an estimated weights of cotton fabric, standard lined curtains with 3” pencil pleat heading.

 Note :-

  • For blackout lined curtains please add 25% to the table.
  • For interlined and standard lined curtains please add 40% to the table.
  • For interlined and blackout lined curtains please add 60% to the table


Curtain removal and installation services

Curtains are manufactured from a variety of heavy fabric materials removing and installing for the curtain for dry cleaning is a really a great problem to many people. Just give us a call and inform our friendly concierge that you require an additional service for curtain dry cleaning that will include removal and installation of curtains. You just need to pay a small fee from $4 per kg for our delivery and collection crew for this added service and ladder shall be provided by the customers.


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