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If you hate to do ironing or do not have the time to iron your garment and required to have your garment perfectly ironed and pressed LaundryCares to have a perfect solution for you!! Our team is professionally trained in providing laundry  ironing service, our staff had a combination of more than 20 years experience in the laundry industry.   We provide door to door collection and delivery that makes it very convenient for our customers It is important to hire a professional for ironing service so that your garment would not have burnt marks or damaged after ironing. Different fabric materials of your clothes have different characteristics, the temperature setting of the iron and the usage of steam is equally important in the ironing process. Some of the clothes that have special printing cannot be iron directly on it, we had to use a pressing cloth in order not to damage the printing on the clothes. To ensure that your clothes are iron or pressed to perfection our laundry ironing service team will

  1. Check the material label of our clothes
  2. Identify the type of ironing processes and the temperature setting that is deem suitable to iron your cloth
  3. Use the latest press and ironing equipment to ensure all your clothes are perfectly pressed or ironed
  4. Apply the correct sequence and technique in ironing your cloth
  5. If you have any special request to starch your clothes we are also able to accommodate this request.

Ironing is the most labour intensive and expensive process in the laundry business, as it also consume a huge amount of electricity. The normal guide for ironing cost is about 60% of the dry cleaning price.



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