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Load wash laundry service is the most economical service

Load Laundry Wash Singapore

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Load washes your laundry is a very fast and simple way to clean your dirty laundry which is very suitable for materials that are wrinkle free or simply clothes or linen . I do not require ironing after washing  Let our professional teams help you to wash your clothes and other garments at an affordable price. We provide laundry collection and delivery to your doorstep, thus saving your time and money. Call now or book online.

Laundry Wash, Dry & Fold without ironing only $6 per kg!

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Load Wash Laundry, Dry, Fold and Pack Service

These days, time seems to be at a premium. Many young couples need to couple with corporate work, their young kids and get connected with friends and family members. They simply don’t have the time or energy to do laundry themselves. On top of that, the increasing cost in Utility and domestic helpers made it more effective and efficient to use laundry service provider to wash their laundry. We know you have a lot to accomplish each day, let us help you to wash clothes and other garments? We provide a full range of laundry services at your doorstep to ease your household tasks at an affordable price.


Q: What is Wash & Fold or Load Wash or Bulk Wash and why you need it?

A: This is the most basic and economical laundry package, we washed, tumble-dried with dryer, folded, packed and delivered to you.This service is normally ideal for towels, under garments, socks, non-cotton T-shirts, shorts, rugs and washable soft toys.
Country club, Spa, health center, salon and Gym owners also prefer load wash for their towers.

Q: How many pieces of clothes should my Wash & Fold order weigh?

A: Our driver will weigh your garment during pick-up at your doorstep. If you do not have a weighing machine and  as a rough guide  1 kg equals to around 15 pieces of men’s shirts, or 2 long pants or 4 short dresses.

Q: Are my whites clothes washed separately from colour clothes?

A: Yes. Please inform our customer service that you have both white and coloured clothing. We provide separate bags for white and coloured clothes where it will weigh separately to meet a minimum of 4 kg for each bag. If any of the order weighs less than that, the minimum charges will still apply. For example, 4 kg of colour clothes and 3 kg of white clothes for wash & Fold service the total bill shall be 8 kgs.

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