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We provide school laundry service island wide for boarding school and universities in Singapore where we understand this service is important to the schools, students, teachers and parents. Nowadays we had set high expectations that the students in the school should excel both in academic and sports, but other issues are bothering both the students and parents especially the washing of the sports attire or their CCA uniforms after training and competitions. For outdoor sports like rugby, cricket and soccer the sports gear were usually soiled with mud and sand after training and competitions, these clothes had to be separated by washing at home in order not to contaminate other delicate clothing where parents and the home helper at home had great frustration in managing it.

CCA uniforms, costumes and indoor sports gear like judo robes, taekwondo robes which are made of very thick and heavy materials are not easy to air dry unless you have a heavy duty laundry dryer at home it takes ages to dry especially during rainy days. Due to the hectic curriculum in schools, it is very common to hear that students forget to bring their CCA sports gear from their home and parents, or the home helpers are the ones to do the delivery.

Our school laundry service is the solution to solve all these problems where we are the specialist that could provide you with high-quality laundry wash and dry cleaning. We ensure that your laundry is properly done before training and competitions, you could select urgent, express or super express delivery if you need it urgently.It is also more economical and environmentally friendly to collect all the soiled sports gear and load wash at one go. Most of the schools and universities had already automated our school laundry service by signing a simple contact with us so that we could collect and deliver the laundry to you at fixed intervals.Drop us an e-mail or call our friendly customer service crew to find out more.

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