Cheap Laundry in Singapore?

The word cheap laundry in Singapore is a very eye catching word and many of us might not truly understand its true meaning.
Laundry Cares believe in acquiring lifetime customer, we provide top quality laundry service with a reasonably affordable price. We do not believe in promoting cheap laundry with deceptive advertising or use of false or misleading statements in advertising where customers end up paying more with added hidden cost and compromised service where clothes are damaged or not properly clean.

Customer retention is always our key principle and our way of building a stronger relationship with customers, our laundry services are not over priced and customers that hire our services knew it is definitely value for money. People that had hired us will have a peace of mind when engaging our dry cleaning and laundry service as we are committed and provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on our laundry service with proper terms and conditions stated.

Providing excellent service will delight our customer where they provide referrals and each referral provided will be rewarded with discount / shopping vouchers.We always provide a listening ear to our customers and every feedback is important and we treat it seriously for continuous improvement.We had  specially designed comprehensive dry cleaning and laundry service packages to cater for our customer needs to make it easier for them to make a booking.Our pricing is very transparent as we provide details and indicate on the difference in pricing on the same product (example winter clothes, linen set, curtain ) this is mainly due to the following factors and requirements:-

  1. Size ( example Linen set King / Queen / Standard, Curtain – Full height window or casement window, winter wear )
  2. Weight (example curtains type Blackout curtain is using very thick materials and take more time to wash)
  3. Materials of garment and linen (Dry cleaning or normal wash)
  4. Stain remover
  5. Special clothing for performance with electronic gadgets or wedding gowns with beads and special design that require manual cleaning.