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Special Laundry Services And Express Dry Cleaning Singapore 

We had a team of expertise that had experienced in working with prestigious Disney The Lion King musical  stage performance team where we provide super express dry cleaning and special laundry service that require the costume laundry to be done urgently for the special daily performance. Every process had to be of zero tolerance on errors and 100% Top notch Quality standards in cleaning and delivery.

We had work to work closely with the stage performance team and had crew on standby to collect the costume, head gear and accessories  as soon as the show ends. Send it back to the factory for QC inspection where we check quantity, inspect on damages and conduct minor repair if deem necessary before dry cleaning. All these dedicated costume are properly tag, wash or dry clean, iron and packed according to instructions where it will be trouble free for the performer to identify their costume upon delivery

Our laundry crews were professional trained to conduct using advanced dry cleaning methodology in stain removal and restoration for a variety of garments and fabrics especially your unique costume, wedding gowns, evening gowns, suit and even mascots.

Your garments are better preserved with our specially selected environment and garment friendly chemicals.Every piece of garment is proper inspected to identify the type of stain and dirt (e.g. red wine , blood, sauce, oil , lipstick, ink etc.) and we will apply the best appropriate stain removal treatment to ensure your garment is restored to its original condition as possible.

Our staff is committed to putting in every effort to ensure your that your treasured garment are returned to you in the best condition.

So let us take care of your dedicated and expensive clothing without any worries:-

  • Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning
  • Evening / Ball Gown Dry Cleaning
  • Kimono Dry Cleaning
  • Special Costume Dry Cleaning
  • Mascot cleaning
  • Punjabi Suit Dry Cleaning
  • Cheong Sum Dry Cleaning
  • Baju Kurang Dry Cleaning
  • Kebaya Dry Cleaning
  • Saree Dry Cleaning
  • Toys Dry Cleaning
  • Uniform Dry Cleaning
  • Stage costume Dry Cleaning

Express Dry Cleaning Service Charges

Due to high labor cost incur for overtime for our laundry crew and most of the time our crew had to mobilize on standby to wait for the performance to end then our delivery crew could collect the laundry and deliver the costume back to our factory for dry cleaning and return the costume once dry cleaning is completed.Our experienced team is capable of meeting such tight schedule.

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Super Express Dry Cleaning The following day or within 24 hrs 3 times the normal charges
Express Dry Cleaning 1 to 2 working days upon collection 2 times the normal charges

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