Dry Cleaning Singapore Price

Laundry Cares is a company that aims to deliver the best service in Singapore at very reasonable prices. With modern technology and all their cleaning materials being non-toxic and environmentally friendly, they stay at the top of their game in service and customer satisfaction.

They consider every single item in your laundry is important to you, whether it is fur or leather, silk, or, sequins, each item receives individual attention and is treated with time and care. They aim to return every piece to its original condition, so that it feels brand new, although this extra attention will apply nominal charges.


With demanding standards of work and strict quality control, we strive to achieve our customers’ highest expectations. Our skilled staff work to a high standard, we do not settle for mediocre. We supply a one stop laundry solution service with free regular delivery, using the best technology and staff. Our prices are reasonable, although not the cheapest around, it is value for money.

Keeping up to date with technology, using the environmentally friendly and best non-toxic cleaning products. Regular maintenance of machinery and well-trained staff, helps us keep our business running efficiently so that the service we provide is good value for the price.

We have special package arrangements for the home, covering laundry or dry clean of clothing, Winter wear, costume cleaning and curtains including collection and delivery. We also have seasonal offers on our website in the form of vouchers. We also do express cleaning for those special outfits like kimonos, Punjabi suits, evening gowns, wedding dresses, ball gowns, and other expensive costumes.

Whatever your needs for normal laundry wash or dry clean, our staff is committed to doing the best job to make your clothes or linens as clean and fresh as when they were new. To have your staff work wear laundered saves you time and money. Our one-stop collection and delivery service make cleaning easy, and regular cleaning not only gives your workers a good image it reduces the wear on your work wear.

Our services are very reasonable and can solve your laundry problems in one easy step. We have no hidden extras and our 100% satisfaction guarantee gives you peace of mind that if we should ever not meet your expectations.

We understand the needs of business when you have to go to that important meeting. Your best business suit or dress needs to be freshly cleaned and pressed. We can do this for you so that you can always know that that suit is ready and waiting. If it happens that you find it was not cleaned before it was put away our express service can help you out.

So whenever you or your business needs laundry cleaning, we can do it for you, with quality and efficiency. Using environmentally friendly solutions and the best equipment available, you can have the best laundry service in Singapore available to you, all for a very reasonable price.