Professional Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

Laundry Cares the best choice for Laundry and Dry Cleaning in Singapore.

Laundry Cares the solutions for Laundry and Dry Cleaning in Singapore

Laundry Cares the solutions for Laundry and Dry Cleaning in Singapore

Our mission – Provide premier service for Laundry and Dry Cleaning in Singapore

Our Commitment

Our company is committed to delivering the highest standard of laundry and dry cleaning services in Singapore through our modern laundry technology, environmentally friendly processes and caring staff.

  • Customers care
  • Advanced technology
  • Reliable processes
  • Excellent quality service
  • Sincerity

Best Solution for Laundry and Dry Cleaning in Singapore

We believe your time is very important for everyone and if we are able to make full use of your time to accomplish the value-added task, we are actually generating more profits for your company and creating more wealth for yourself.

The key question is, on effectively utilizing our valuable resource (e.g. staff, workers, technicians, engineers, domestic helper) in tasks that are more value added and productivity.
Doing laundry seems to be a simple achievable task to fulfill if you follow the correct procedures step by step but not knowing that it is actually very tedious, time-consuming and also a never-ending mission to accomplish.

In Singapore, most of us have a busy schedule either in work or in handling household chores that we neglect spending quality time with our loved ones, friends or reducing the networking time with our colleagues or business partners where lots of business opportunities may be miss. Instead, we chose to spend time waiting in front of the washing machine, hanging clothes to dry, folding clothes and standing long hours ironing our laundry to complete the never-ending laundry mission day after day.

You will definitely be frustrated when you found that your expensive favorite clothes are stained by bird droppings or wet by rain after hanging out to dry. Rain is not really good for clothes and could leave it with a musty moldy smell. If you forget to remove the tissue papers that was left in your pockets and it ends up all over your laundry covered in little bits of paper, receipt of tissues.

We may have to repeat that laundry cycle again. That is why we either hate doing the laundry again and again or simply don’t have the time or energy to do it. With the increase in utility charges and domestic helper cost, it is more economical if you hire a laundry service provider to handle your laundry and dry cleaning services that deliver free to your doorstep.

There is some dedicated fabric or cloth or leather that cannot be wet washed and only suitable for dry cleaning where you need the expertise of a dry cleaner to help you. It is always a wise choice to compare prices before we pick the right dry cleaner, but some dry cleaners deliberately list a very low price that does not include GST and some will even shortchange you by using cheap chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment.

The worst things of all are once you hire them, some will actually explain to you cheap price uses a cheap chemical. They will corner you and they will upsell their services and in the end charging you more.

The SMARTEST Way to hire a Professional for Laundry and Dry Cleaning in Singapore

Stop carrying your heavy and soiled laundry around your estate or shopping mall searching for the nearby laundry and dry cleaning service providers to clean your dirty laundry. It does not really make you look good when you collected the clean clothes in the hanger moving around your estate or mall like a mobile laundry rake after paying for the laundry services. Because we care, we shall now reveal to you the smartest way in hiring the best laundry and dry cleaning in Singapore. Laundry Cares is the highly recommended and reliable choice in providing suitable solutions for laundry and dry cleaning in Singapore where we collect and deliver free Islandwide.

Who Is Laundry Cares?

Laundry Cares – is the premier service provider for laundry and dry cleaning in Singapore that provides a full range of normal laundry and dry cleaning service. Our well-equipped laundry facilities provide you with the smart quality laundry solution to solve all your laundry woes. We had a team of professionally trained experienced laundry cleaners that will provide dedicated care for each and every piece of items that we received from our customers. These items could be a just a piece of cloth or designer shirt, dress,  uniform, carpet, day curtains or night curtains, bed sheet linen, towels and even mascot.

After collection by our delivery experienced cleaners will tag and pre-inspect each item carefully by sorting and segregate them accordingly to the washing label instructions and special instruction from the customer. The return of laundry is assured through a thorough lot washing process unlike some service provider that charge you cheap by reducing the washing cycle time but we never a compromise on quality. The laundered items will be properly wrapped and packed to ensure that they remain clean throughout the delivery journey until it reaches your doorstep. High-Quality Laundry Processes (HQLP), excellent service and 100% customer satisfaction are our uncompromised goals.

100% Accuracy Guarantee

Every piece of clothes, linen, uniform and curtains that were sent to us shall be dedicated  TAGS adopting the KAIZEN  TAG inventory management system to ensures total accuracy every time. Example for shirt and blouse our colour tag is located on the 2 button from the top, pants and skirt is on the top right-hand side etc

Laundry Service with Green Initiative 

One of the top decision from our company is to implement the green initiatives in our laundry service, and that includes from reducing energy consumption and resources by acquiring new technologies and equipment that provide higher energy efficiency, reducing water consumption and increase productivity. Selecting the environmental  friendly cleaning agent that have a lower impact on the environment is equally important to reduces pollution to our ecosystem. Over time we encourage customers to participate on our green initiative progressively, our hangers return program and electronic invoicing system enable us to promote resource conservation effectively.

Why should you choose Laundry Cares?

Laundry Cares is a one-stop laundry service provider and the most preferred laundry partners with the following capabilities:-

  • Deliver reliable quality service with customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Excellent cares on your laundered items with excellent user experience (zero losses and zero damaged policy)
  • Customized solutions to resolve your laundry problems with ease.
  • Affordable pricing – our laundry and dry cleaning services in Singapore are and value for money
  • No GST, there is absolutely no hidden cost and the price are published online is transparent
  • Free laundry collection and delivery service
  • Make life easy and convenient – Delivery service at your door step with just a phone call and a few click,
  • Easily available- you can use the 24hrs online or you can SMS or contact us on our hotline.
  • Flexible – you can schedule your laundry done every day, every week, every month or just once in a while.
  • Simply schedule your collection online or call our hotlines now!

Why bother to waste your precious time searching the closest laundry?
Laundry Cares is simply the laundry and dry cleaning service provider that you can trust.

Why are you hesitating?
Simply book online or call us to arrange for pick up laundry items now or chat with our friendly concierge if you need us to meet you for a discussion. We promise getting the laundry done has never been so easy! Take your load off, while we take care of your laundry!

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From Feb 2023 till End June 2023
Free Delivery $50 and 10% Discount Above $120
*Not Applicable for Carpet, Mascot, Wedding Dress and sale packages
** Transport charges apply for order less than $50 (before discount) and cancellation of orders for less than 4 hours notice.


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