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Home laundry servicesHome laundry service in Singapore for a family or individual can be very hectic you need to sort out carefully and segregate normal wash items and dry cleaning items. It is not possible to dry clean your laundry with your domestic home washing machine.Bulky items in your house such as curtains, linen, carpets , rugs , soft toys and dedicated designer clothes or special materials clothes (e.g. silk , leather, sheep skin, etc) are not possible to wash at home.

Common Problems you will encounter for DIY Home Laundry

It is so very common that we received calls from customer that they need urgent home laundry service everyday telling us that their washing machine break down. It is costly for repair and replacing parts of your washing machine.The followings are the problems you will encounter

  1. Due to heavy loading your washing machine will be overloaded and you end up damaging and overheat the motor
  2. Your linen will not be clean properly as you do not have a heavy duty washing machine and your skin will be irritated with rashes and itch.
  3. You will not able to dry pr sun the heavy curtains and linens properly

Home Laundry Service Solutions

Laundry Cares provide you the best solution to solve your laundry problems within minutes, drop us an email, book online or call our friendly customer service crew to assist you for home laundry service. Our home laundry service in Singapore includes the following:-

  1. Normal laundry wash and iron
  2. Dry cleaning and iron
  3. Load wash and fold (without iron)
  4. Iron only

Type of Home Laundry Service list

  • Normal Fabric Clothing – Jacket, Dress, Pants, Jeans, Shirt, Blouse, T-shirt, Skirt, Under Garments, Socks, Handkerchief, Scarf, towels
  • Linen- Quilt, Quilt Cover, Mattress Protector, Blanket, Bed Sheet, Pillowcase, Bolster Case, Blanket
  • Cushion Cover and Fabric Sofa Cover laundry or dry cleaning
  • Fabric Only Curtains -Day and Night Curtains
  • Blackout curtains or velvet curtains cleaning
  • Wool Carpet & Persian and Oriental Rug cleaning
  • Leather Jacket, Down Jacket, Winter wear or winter clothing cleaning
  • Soft toys dry cleaning
  • Infant or toddler clothes
Clothes normal wash and iron

Affordable Laundry Service starting from $4.40 per piece only!

We also have customise laundry packages for ladies, gentlemen, kids and infant, special discount cupon shall be provided if you sign up a weekly package with us minimum 5 top ( jacket/ shirt / blouse) and 5 bottom ( pants / skirt) we will provide you discount voucher on your next laundry.

Laundry Wash – Read MoreDry Cleaning – Read More  Laundry Rate

Linen Laundry Services

Looking for affordable linen laundry services? Our price starting from $1.60 only!

We also have a customise linen package for linen Bedsheet, Comforter, Quilt, Blanket,Pillow Case Cushion Cover

Laundry Wash – Read MoreDry Cleaning – Read More  Laundry Rate

Curtain laundry and dry cleaning

The Best Choice to solve your Day and Night Curtains Cleaning Problems.

  • Normal laundry wash for day curtain starts from $12.00 per piece and dry cleaning for day curtain start from $12 per piece.
  • Normal laundry wash for night curtain start from $7.00 per kg and dry cleaning for night curtain start from $8.00per kg.

Check out our laundry package for your curtains for great discount.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

The Specialist for oriental and woollen rug and carpet cleaning using the latest technology to produce excellent results!

Laundry wash for carpet start from $2.80 /psf and dry cleaning for carpet start from $3.60 psf


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Residential Laundry Service

We work with Private Condominium and Service Apartment for Fixed Schedule Collection and Delivery. Welcome the management Office to contact us for Special Discounts for your residents.

Business As Usual During Circuit Breaker
From Feb 2023 till End June 2023
Free Delivery $50 and 10% Discount Above $120
*Not Applicable for Carpet, Mascot, Wedding Dress and sale packages
** Transport charges apply for order less than $50 (before discount) and cancellation of orders for less than 4 hours notice.


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