Curtain Cleaning Singapore

Have you ever taken time looking at your curtains seriously? Have a close look at the pleats and tresses, exam the level of dust and dirt that it had collected and accumulated over the months.

No matter how clean you maintain at your house there are always blind spot areas that have the tendency to collect and accumulate a lot of dirt and dust, some of them are even specially designed for that – to prevent the dust in the air in your house to spread around and to reach your lungs. Curtains cleaning is very often neglected in Singapore and if you are one of those people that consider curtain cleaning as something very difficult to be done, LaundryCares are ready to help you, as we are always available 24 hours per day, seven days a week to assist you. You can always reach us by an e-mail, What’s App or simply fill up an on-line form at any time and rest assured that we will respond you within 24hrs and you will receive the best service for your curtains. With our modern technology, equipment, and small fees, we will do everything for you without you taking risk working at height climbing up the ladder/stool removing the curtains
Step 1 –  Make a curtain cleaning job request by phone or online and state the service required
Step 2 – Our crew will visit you on-site and remove the curtain and sent it back to your factory for cleaning
Step 3 – Received a notification after cleaning and Confirm the date and time for curtain installation
Step 4 – Curtain crew will deliver the curtain back to your home and hang up the curtain for you

Before we start the cleaning we make an obligatory test on an unseen place of your curtains with the cleaning chemicals we use in order to prevent any possible bleach on them. LaundryCares are impatient to provide you with the best care for your curtains because we want you to live in a healthy and comfortable environment.