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Contract and Commercial Laundry Service Singapore

Laundry Cares offers a professional laundry service that is ideal for businesses across the island. Whether your company is owned and operated by the family, or you work on a much larger scale, outsourcing your laundry needs to a good contract commercial laundry service where it provides you the most cost-effective and time-efficient decision you will ever come to. To make life even simpler we provide a free pickup and delivery service, which just removes other logistics worry from your list.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the hospitality or any blue collar industry where you need uniforms and linens washed, or you are an industrial company that has heavily soiled uniform washing needs. If you have plenty of laundry product to deal with then Laundry Cares is ready to work with you.

Contract and Commercial Laundry Service Customers

We already work with customers from all types of companies including restaurant, food & beverage services, hospitality businesses, airlines, universities, schools, uniformed organizations, healthcare, laboratories, banks, security firms and factories. We launder uniforms and linens, curtains, rugs and bed linen.

Providing your employees with freshly washed and pressed uniforms is just part of presenting a professional image of your company to your customers. The same can be said of your linens. Laundry Cares is here to help you maintain your reputation with your current, and future, customers.

Our service operates 6 days a week and we work hard to provide a quick turnaround and offer consistent delivery times. Our free delivery service is just the icing on top of a five-tiered cake.

Good Value Contract and Commercial Laundry Service

We offer good value contract for your commercial laundry service actually save your business both time and money by reducing your labour, utility costs and unnecessary logistics. There are absolutely no other hidden costs with LaundryCares, what you see is what you get. We provide you an incredibly reliable service that is ideal customised for all business where you focus more on your core competency of your business.

It is so simple to hire our service, all you need to do is either drop us an email fill out the laundry request form on the website and submit it, or pick up the phone and contact us. We will arrange a pickup time that is right for you and for our team to collect your laundry items on time. We will inspect and check your items washing care instructions to ensure that we use the right service for all of your garments. Once they’ve been processed they are pressed by our highly skilled employees and packaged, ready to be delivered back to your business. Whether you are looking for our next day service or a 7 day one, we have a variety of options for you to fit the needs of your business.

Our prices are fair and while they may not be as low as some of our competitors, our service offers a much higher standard. It shows in our finished product, which is why should choose LaundryCares for all of your laundering needs.

Why you need a Contract and Commercial Laundry Service?

It is important that the uniform of your staff is properly washed and pressed by professionals as it directly the image of your organization especially when you are uniform organization. We provide high-quality commercial laundry service to factories, banks, security, laboratories, healthcare, food service, hospitality industries and uniform organization. We clean airlines, hospital and restaurant linen, uniforms, curtains, bed linen and rugs.Laundry Cares is the customers’ prefer partners where we are able to provide

  • One stops solution with full range of contract commercial laundry service
  • Consistent delivery times with short turnaround time
  • Quality product – after laundry you will have clean, smelling fresh uniform and linen
  • Free Delivery Service
  • Operation 7 days a week delivery available

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Free Delivery $50 and 10% Discount Above $120
*Not Applicable for Carpet, Mascot, Wedding Dress and sale packages
** Transport charges apply for order less than $50 (before discount) and cancellation of orders for less than 4 hours notice.


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Reasons to engage Commercial Laundry Service

More economic it Saves MONEY & TIME

We provide you the best solution, outsourcing your laundry to a professional laundry service provider actually,  saves you money, saves you time, and cut down on your labor, equipment cost and utility bill it also extends the life cycle of your linen.

Reliable Quality Service

Our price listed are reasonable and there is absolutely no hidden cost and we provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We are confident that you will like our services no more worries and have peace of mind, Just let our professional laundry crew handle your soiled and dirty linen we will provide you with hand finished crisply ironed uniform and fluffy towels.

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