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Hire Laundry Cares to enjoy the premium Singapore laundry service to solve all your laundry problems at an affordable price.Don’t let laundry problem bother you with Laundry Cares you able to get the best quality laundry service and now you can put on your fresh clothing with pride and confidence.

Singapore laundry service that comes with a full range of service:-

Laundry Cares provides you with the most comprehensive Singapore laundry service that provides laundry solutions to many organizations, Our laundry services help the organization increase productivity and relief additional workload of their staff. Our Singapore Laundry Services include

  • Load wash LaundryThe Best Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services Singapore
  • Normal Clothes Laundry
  • Curtain Laundry
  • Carpet Laundry
  • Linen Laundry
  • Winter Clothing Laundry
  • Ironing Service
  • Free Laundry Delivery

We are the local market leader in providing laundry services to the different type of industry and corporate entities at your own convenient time. Our customers include

  • Domestic Sector – Private Apartment, Condominium Home and residential
  • Commercial Sector- Hotel, Restaurant, Spa, Gym, Health Club, Service Apartment, Churches, Community Club, Associations
  • Healthcare Sector- Day care centers, Hospitals, Laboratories, and Clinic
  • Industrial Sector- Workers Dormitory, Factories, Warehouses, and Shipyards.
  • Corporate laundry- Bank, Schools, Polytechnic, Universities, Embassy, Airport and Uniform Organisation

You no longer need to find a nearby laundry to wash your dirty laundry. Just book via our website order form or call our friendly customer service support at (65) 9460 6785. Price List

An overview of our Singapore Laundry Service processes

  • Make an order booking via website or phone call
  • Contact customer to confirm the pickup time
  • Collection from owner
  • All items of clothes are carefully inspected by our experienced crew on the day of collection to ensure that there is no physical defect, heavy stain marks or foreign objects on the laundry (e.g. coins, notes, tissue)
  • Check the clothes washing label instructions on the laundry to ensure dedicated care and special attention is paid to protect any delicate parts such as the buttons and any embroidery on the garment.
  • Provide a proper identification tag to ensure that laundry is returned back to its rightful owner after cleaning
  • Separate colour clothing from white cloth to avoid staining from colour bleeding of clothing.
  • Use specially chose detergents that will not damage your fabric and harmful to the environment
  • Washing process through dedicated laundry equipment in providing the best treatment to your laundry. The washing process enables stains to remove and kill micro-organisms that may be present on the fabric
  • Drying process with the Sensor Dry system, which adjusts the drying time and temperature of every load, so each garment gets the treatment it needs with a satisfying end result.
  • Pressing/ironing done by experienced experts who are specially trained  to ensure your garment is perfectly pressed
  • Packing with a hanger or folded in a poly bag.
  • Deliver to owner


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Laundry Service FAQ 

Q: What is normal laundry ?
A: Our Normal Laundry Service include collection ==> Wash ==> Dryer ==> Iron ==> Hang / Fold ==> Paked ==> Delivery.

Q: Why do you need laundry service ?
A: There are many reasons that we need to hire a laundry service. The reasons are space constrain, time, cost savings and my helper could not do a proper ironing.

  • Most of the residential apartments, HDB public housing and commercial building comes with very small unit and high rental where there is no space for washing machine and dryer
  • Personal hygiene where you do not want to keep your soiled clothing for days before washing it will turn stale and the cross contamination of bacteria that will spread within your home.
  • Save time ==> washing and ironing takes up a lot of your time especially you do not have the right ironing equipment
  • Save electricity and water  ==>  Especially in Singapore we have small families so is really a waste of resources that you uses your washer and dryer every day for laundry.

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