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Whatever the type of fabric your day or night curtains are made of it is important that you cleaned it on a regular basis either once every quarterly or at most half yearly.
It is important to hire a professional curtain cleaning services provider to help you as they will take the very best of care with your window coverings and recommend you right curtain cleaning method either dry cleaning or laundry washed your curtain.

Why must Curtains be washed and clean regularly?

It is important to clean your curtains on a regular basis to extend the shelf-life cycle of curtains. A proper curtain cleaning will ensure in removing dirt, stains, mildew, watermarks, mold, allergens, dust, bacteria, nicotine odor and any other particles from your curtain.
If it is not clean and washes regularly it became an unexpected bedding spot for household bacteria and germs that are spread in the air which is not healthy for your family. Even using your domestic washer in your house may not have the capacity and capability in thoroughly cleaning the curtains unless you have a heavy-duty washing machine and dryer.
To save time and money it is wise to hire a professional curtain cleaner that is able to do a good curtain laundry for you. Our company offers customers a full service of curtain cleaning/curtain laundry services with excellent quality results,  competitive prices and we guarantee customer satisfaction to make sure you will be definitely satisfied with the results of our curtain cleaning services.


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Do you wash your curtain regularly?

Many of us use various type and design of blinds and curtains to decorate our living room and bedroom for our house and prevent direct sunlight entering our house damaging the furniture.

Thick fabric materials are the most popular choice for night or blackout curtain for your bedrooms but as the days went by the curtain will gather dust from the air and look old gradually.

Most people that tried cleaning the curtains knew that it is not such a simple task.
First the challenge is the removal of curtains before you wash it,
Secondly you need a tall stool or a high ladder in removing the hook from curtain hanger
Finally, it is not an easy task in managing the long and heavy curtains during curtain removal and furthermore you need to install back after cleaning.

It is really a lot of work and troublesome, some people just don’t bother to wash it at all. Many homeowners would spend a huge amount of money to get it replace when it look old.

Do you know that cleaning your curtain regularly is just a fraction of the replacement cost? Most importantly is regular cleaning of curtains you observe good hygiene where cleaning will remove allergens, dust, bacteria, odor and any other dirt particles and the curtain will refresh the condition of your curtains.

How to hire a professional curtain cleaner?

We have a professional team that provides a full range of Curtain Cleaning and Curtain Laundry Services at an affordable price. Our operations crew will remove and install your curtains with a small fee at the same time we provide free curtain laundry collection and curtain laundry delivery service for a minimum sum spent on your curtain cleaning in Singapore. If you want your home or office to look good and attractive, the best solution is to hire the professional curtain cleaning and curtain laundry service provider to do the job for you. We are definitely your best choice with no hidden cost as the price is transparent listed on our website or explained before cleaning

We provide full Curtain Cleaning / Curtain Laundry Services at your doorstep at an affordable price!

You will find that the process to hire us is just 3 simple steps,

Step 1
Book an appointment using our simple online form or you can choose to call our customer service or SMS us for a quote.
Step 2
Laundry collection driver will call you to confirm your available time for curtain removal and pick-up
Step 3 
Laundry delivery driver will call you to confirm your available time for clean curtains delivery and site curtain installation

Removal and installation of curtains is an added service by our drivers and No fees will be charged if you chose to remove and install the curtain by yourself.

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