Academic Gown / Graduation Gown Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

Wow now is the season for graduations, congratulations to those cohorts that had successfully completed their studies and this is a day that every postgraduate is looking forward to putting on their graduation gown and cap receiving their hard-earned academic certificates on stage. This day is also a proud moment for parents, where some parents may want to hire professional photographers or going to the studio to capture this moment where their child put on their graduation gown proudly. This portrait becomes a showcase for every family that made parents proud. This is also another occasion for the post-graduation where you make trips to the dry cleaner to hire their graduation gown dry cleaning service!

Graduations ceremony is also known as the convocation, commencement or invocation are special celebratory events or day in recognition of the hard work and achievements of graduating students.  Because this is such a special day of a lifetime, it often includes a number of special garments.

Lawyer Robe, Graduation Suits and Dresses

court dressWithout a doubt, all students wanted to celebrate their academic success by dressing up to look their best.  Whether you put on a normal silk suit or a specially designed gown with lace trim, graduation gown for this popular event uses delicate fabrics and fragile ensembles.  Graduations also tend to go hand in hand with success celebrations leaving many opportunities for damage or wear.  In order to maintain the integrity of your graduation outfit, you must hire a dry cleaner to provide you dry cleaning service that could handle these nice clothes and ensure that they’re ready to wear for your next big event.

Graduation Cap and Gown

Graduation is one of the few big moments of a lifetime that require a uniform, where different types of gown represent the different academic degree a person achieved and it will not be complete without putting on a graduation cap.On graduation day itself, you definitely feel proud putting on the gown and graduation cap and many people may not want to take theirs off at the end of the day and some of the friends that are not graduated yet may want to try it out to have an experience or photograph!

Some people may want to tailor their own graduation gowns and cap but most of us may just prefer to rent it from a shop for this special graduation ceremony. Especially those who opt to have a rented gown, the shop owners will always tell you that the gown and cap are cleaned. In most cases, you may experience the gown and cap do not smell good and the true fact is that these clothes are clean more than 6 months ago. To observe better cleanliness and hygiene,  all these gowns must be dry clean first before you put it on otherwise you may have an encounter bad experience where your skin will itch when you put it on on the actual graduation day that will actually ruin your big day. After use, you must send it for a proper dry cleaning to extend the shelve life before storage. To avoid paying express charges we advise our customers to plan and send to us minimum 5 to 7  days in advance.

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