Towel Laundry Service for GYM , SPA, Swimming Club 

Gym Towel Laundry Service Singapore

Towel laundry Service SingaporeExercise is one of the core activities or regime in our daily life in order to stay healthy , very often we will either to choose working out in the gym or have some sports games or enjoying a relaxing swim in the swimming club or going to a massage SPA to pamper yourself after a intensive work out. A fresh towel to clean off the sweat while you work out or a thick soft towel to dry your body after a hot shower will definitely brighten your day. It is very important to provide clean and fresh robes and towels to your customers and new members that had just come on board where the very first impression last.

When your customer first received the towel from the registration counter the towel need to look clean, smell fresh , have a soft feel which are the very important checklist for a piece of towel.Very often it is a big chore to handle the soiled towel after used, the towel will be wet and dirty. It is very important that you wash and dry it thoroughly, your domestic washer will definitely unable to handle the heavy load and only the industrial washing machine and dryer will provide you the best laundry wash result. Towel are laundry and reused day after day where the selection of cleaning agent to maintain the vibrant colour or clean white look is  essential.Towel Laundry Services Singapore

Hiring a professional laundry service provider is important in providing towel laundry for  country club, spa, salon and gym. Feel free to give us a call and tell us your need and requirement and we could work out a laundry solution to suit you

We will provide you the best laundry solutions to save you time and money instead of you doing the laundry yourself so that you could free up your time in strategic planning in running your core business removing the worries of laundry which can be very exhaustive when customer do not have towels when your washing machine and dryer is down.You required space, cleaning chemicals, maintenance and manpower to handle laundry if you choose to DIY.

Our laundry service will definitely provide you with a reasonable priced solution within your budget to solve your laundry problems.Drop us an email, tell us your needs or book online or give us a call to our friendly customer service crew to provide a country club, spa, salon and gym laundry service contract with attractive rates that you could not resist.

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