Dry and Wet Laundry

Many of us spent a large amount of money on clothing and willing to pay a premium for special brands, design and good quality fabric materials where the sales persons will simply recommend that these clothes require dry and wet laundry.Many laundry shops provide both dry and wet laundry but not many people knew about good professional laundry that is  good in a dry and wet laundry.

Dry Laundry or Dry Cleaning

Dry laundry is also known as dry cleaning, where it is necessary to require in applying the correct type and quantity of solvent to provide optimum results. Basically dry cleaning uses chemicals such as hydrocarbon solvents (HCS) which are a petroleum base mild cleaner and tetrachloroethylene (PCE) which is a most aggressive cleaner and using the wrong solvent cleaner will cause the colour bleed.

Wet Laundry or Normal Laundry Wash

Wet laundry is also known as normal wash where clothes are washed with water and detergent.

 Why dry cleaning over wet cleaning? 

washing machine4You may come across garment tags put “Dry Clean Only” and it is better off to heed these words, especially  if the garment is a piece of suit or made of wool materials. Dry cleaning


What is the difference between dry cleaning and wet cleaning?

  1. Dry Cleaning can remove oils or stubborn stains not possible through normal cleaning with water
  2. Dry cleaning minimize shrinkage (s.a. long curtains and other highly shrinkable materials) as dry cleaning solvents do not penetrate fabrics)
  3. The cleaning process for dry cleaning undergo lesser stretching and it is gentle, can better preserved the colours, which help to keep the garment appearance for years.
  4. Dry Cleaning process and cleaning solutions can kill dust mites, thereby improving the conditions for allergy and asthma victims.

Dry Cleaning recommendations

Garments made of silk, wool or cashmere fabrics should be dry clean to preserve longer wearable condition For  Suits, sometimes airing in a well-ventilated environment is good enough. Experts recommend that so long it is free from stain or odour; a once-a-year dry cleaning service may just be enough.



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