Curtain Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

If you’re in the market for curtain dry cleaning in Singapore, then there is only one company to call. Laundry Cares offers a high-quality service at competitive prices.

You may normally deal with your own curtain laundering needs, but there are some good reasons that should give you pause for thought when considering hiring a professional service.

Having your curtains dry cleaned will preserve their quality, which means they will last much longer. If you have gone to the trouble of purchasing expensive, lined curtains then this will be extremely important to you.

Dry cleaning will keep the curtains shape, especially in comparison to using washing machines and then dryers. When you opt for dry cleaning a solvent is used which will remove tough and stubborn stains, as well as any fungus, mildew or mold that has accumulated. The solvent will also get rid of any foul odors that are lingering. So when you get your curtains back they will be better than new.

black out curtain dry cleaning SingaporeMost homes in Singapore have curtains, and instead, owners choose to wash and dry them through their home washing machines. That is a dangerous way to go as your curtains could shrink, lose their form or tear. This is especially risky for curtains that are lined.

One of the great things about choosing dry cleaning for your curtains, apart from the massive amounts of time you will save, is that it’s good for any type of curtains. While you can use a traditional laundry service for some curtain types, dry cleaning is safe for every type which makes it an excellent option, especially when it doesn’t cost much more than the standard washing service.

It’s convenient, time is of the essence and with the busy lives Singaporeans lead, they just don’t have the time to deal with the little things when they can hire someone else to do it for them. For a small fee, our team will be happy to take the curtains down and reinstall them to save you the hassle, and the time, that it takes to do so.

Laundry Cares is a professional service; dry cleaning is their specialty so you know that you are paying for an outstanding service that is going to take care of your curtains like they are their own. They know fabrics and they know how to produce a high standard of work, and dry cleaning also protects your curtains against moths.

Simply fill out our online form and wait for our customer service team to contact you to arrange your pick up time. Once your curtains are dry cleaned and pressed we will deliver them right back to your doorstep, and if you choose for us to do so- we will reinstall them, too.