Linen Laundry service Singapore

Linen Laundry Service Singapore

We provide a comprehensive laundry linen service package to cater for our customer needs with options of standard wash or dry cleaning for our linen laundry service.We recommend washing your linen every once a week or once every fortnight if you do not heavily sweat. Washing bedroom linen at a minimum temperature of 60-degree Celsius is important to destroy bacteria. Dry your linen after washing in a dryer that will effectively kill the micro-organisms and run them over a hot iron set on the cotton setting (200c) to kill any remaining bacteria.

A typical Bedroom linen set will consist of the following items: Quilt, quilt cover, bed sheet, mattress protector, pillow case and bolster case. The different in pricing is due to the size of the linen set e.g.  King / Queen / Standard size and the selection of normal wash or dry cleaning. Always follow the linen laundry recommendation in selection between normal wash or dry cleaning to avoid shrinkage and colour bleeding.

Quilt is highly recommended for dry cleaning due to the thick dedicate materials.Due to 1/3 of our time(8hrs) is resting on our bed it is not only important to select a good bed but also require a fresh bedroom linen.We recommend hiring our laundry and linen services monthly to maintain good bedroom hygiene.

Linen Laundry Service Package

Due to the special request by our customer we had our linen laundry service package to offer our customers more value add and convenience in hiring our service. Just quote us the package number when you book online or call our hotline. The most important thing is all the pricing are so transparent, and there is no hidden cost. You just need to pay us the package price with free collection and delivery at your doorstep.

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