How to Keep Your Clothes Clean During the CONVID 19 / Coronavirus Outbreak ?

Keep Your clothes clean with hygiene Novel Coronavirus is also known as CONVID-19  is a type of infectious diseases that was first detected in China from the City of Wuhan dated Nov 2019. It was first known as the Wuhan Virus where it create a lot of fear and anxiety to the Nation in China. Slowly this virus became a pandemic outbreak and spread throughout the Globe in almost every countries and city in the World.

Singapore was not spared by the CONVID 19 virus, those people infected with the virus recovered but a small portion became critically ill and precious lives was lost when they succumbed to death . People panic and start buying surgical mask, hand sanitizer, thermometer, toilet roll, anti bacterial cleaning detergent and the list goes on.

Each day there is an increasing trend of confirmed CONVID 19 cases and more death was reported. The government know that to stop the spreading of this CONVID 19 Virus in the community everybody must stay at home. Eventually on  07 April 2020, the government of Singapore trigger the circuit breaker, all business must shut down or work from home till 05 May 2020 except essential services remain open.

How long does the Coronavirus / CONVID-19 stay on your clothes?

Coronavirus is a flue like virus where droplets from our sneeze can be transfer from your hands or in the air and may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days. so proper and frequent clothes laundering is definitely essential.

If there are delicate clothing or other hard wash items (e.g., bulky wool winter coats / jackets) that you cannot be clean properly and regularly by your washing machine, dry cleaning is an excellent an excellent solution for getting those dry clean items washed and disinfected thoroughly.

Our On-line CONVID-19 Laundry Shop Singapore

Our round the clock,  24hrs online laundry shop Singapore website remains open to serve you. Everybody understand that hygiene is extremely important to fight against this deadly virus. Customers from local residents to businesses in cinema, schools, corporate businesses, restaurant, SPA, saloon, airline lounges and especially those in entertainment industry began to step up in the hygiene cleaning.

During this circuit breaker period there is a high surge and increasing demand for laundry services and dry cleaning services for curtains, carpets, uniform, work coverall, baju kurung, wedding dress and table cloth . Each request demand urgent and high quality of hygiene.

We educate our staff in understanding the nature of this virus and put in place processes and procedures to ensure the safety of our staff as well as customers laundry are not contaminated by the virus.We sanitize our equipment after each load wash, anti bacterial detergent that is environmental friendly was use, staff are wearing mask in their operations, social distancing between staff was in place, all the buttons on the laundry machines were clean with disinfectant regularly, our operations hours were staggered and all administrative staff are working from home. New rule set up with Strictly No Walk In customer to prevent socializing. All orders should be process via tele commuting

We do not want our customer to take risk and understand that our government wants all people to stay at home so our drivers will pick up and delivery your laundry at your door step. If you rally can’t wait to hear from us just simply make an order request online or drop us an e-mail  or call or Whats App us at (65) 9460 6785 for any inquiry with no obligations. To understand more about us simply visit our website  to read about us.