Dry Cleaning And Laundry Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is very important that you have done enough research and clarified any doubts before you hire a laundry and dry cleaning service, provider.You need to understand how competent and capable is the service provider. Cost is definitely an important consideration to any organisation but by blindly comparing the lowest and cheapest laundry and dry cleaning prices will sometimes lead you to more hidden problems where sub-standard laundry and dry cleaning service provider will not provide you proper care of your garments or laundered items where you will experience high losses. We not only have more than 20 years of experience in the laundry business in Singapore capable of providing a full range of dry cleaners and laundry service in Singapore. Laundry Cares is the most reliable and efficient laundry solutions provider to solve your laundry problems where we dare to commit 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We provide fast and cheap dry cleaning and laundry services that come with free pick-up and delivery.Just drop us an e-mail or give a call to our friendly if you have further queries

We provide fast and cheap dry cleaning and laundry services that come with free pick-up and delivery.Just drop us an e-mail or give a call to our friendly customer service crew if require any assistance.

General FAQ 

Q: What are our operations hours?

A:   Our factory operates on six days a week (Monday through Saturday).
Customer service hotline, online and websites enquiry operates 24hrs a day


Q: What is your turn-around time?

A:   For normal service, Our turn-around time is about 5 to 7 working days ( Sundays and public holidays are non-working days).                 Regular contract order can be alternate days collection and delivery express charges shall be waived or negotiable


Q: How do I provide special laundry instructions or preferences regarding my clothes?


A: You can just indicate the special instructions on the remarks / message section of the laundry order form or contact our customer service crew via SMS of phone call. Additional charges may apply for added value service.

Special instructions are normally

  • expensive garments that require special care
  • expensive designers’ labels
  • Hand wash only
  • White wash bleached
  • Low, Medium or High starch
  • Types of stains that require to removed
  • Iron only



Q: Can I have a separate wash and not mixed with other people clothes?

A: Yes, please notify us if you wanted your own washer and dryer where you need to fulfill the minimum order of 5 KG for load wash.
If your clothes are heavily soiled or required special infection control e.g. shipyards overall or outdoor sportswear or hospital suit or      childcare center, these are the clothes that require 100% separate wash.

Q: What temperature was set to wash my clothes?

A: In general, cold water or water at room temperature is recommended on most laundry label to wash all your precious garments. In some cases customer request to wash at min 70 degree Celsius for infection control purposes especially for clinics, hospitals, nursing home and childcare laundry we are able to do that but with an additional charge.

Q: How do I know if the laundry collection service is available in my area?

A: Our laundry pick -up and laundry delivery covers island wide. Transportation Fess of $15 shall be imposed to deliveries to Sentosa and Jurong Island. Fees maybe waive provided is there is a high load volume.You can check out our laundry collection locations 

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