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Baju Kurung Cleaning Singapore

dry cleaing baju kurungBaju Kurung is a type of traditional regional costume or dress specially designed for both Malay male and  female. The clothes are loose-fitting and the material varies depends on the preference of the user ranging from silk, satin, chiffon, wool and nylon which include special design lace or embroidery added with beads and fashion jewelry. Some popular design of the Baju Kurung is cekak musang style that typically has a standing collar with holes for five buttons including two buttons for the collar or dress that comes with sleeve length to the wrist blouse matching with ankle length skirt. Nowadays the design of the Baju Kurung costume becomes more sophisticated and may consist more items like a jacket, headscarf (tudung) each Baju Kurung is specially make to measure tailored with a unique design. Our customers are concerned on the proper Baju Kurung cleaning of these dedicated clothes, we are the most reliable professional that are able to provide the best advice for laundry and dry cleaning for Baju Kurung. Every item or piece of clothes that were sent to us were properly inspected and labelled by our crew to ensure proper care in protecting the beads and jewelry that were sewn on the clothes from damaged or falling off during cleaning. Then we  applied the proper cleaning method and process to ensure the clothes look as good as new after cleaning.We ensure that every piece of clothes after washed will be returned to all our customers with proper packing and delivered to their doorstep with no worries for our customers.Due to high in demand during the festive seasons (example Hari Raya, year end function)  we do recommend to put up a laundry request to book the time slot to avoid disappointed on last minute arrangement or paying a higher price due to express service charges incurred.


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