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dry cleaningLaundry Cares provides every customer the best dry cleaning Singapore services, as our company strongly believe doing things right the first time and every time that will eliminate unnecessary rework.
Our high quality reliable process is streamlined to deliver the output with the best efficiency and produced high yield as all our equipment is well maintained to reduce unnecessary downtime and our skillful staff is trained to solve your laundry problems.It is very important for every pickup, we check through every lot and every piece of garment which comes with a textile fabric care washing label that provides the specific laundry instruction for your garment.

The symbol on the washing label identifies on the different washing requirement for your laundry to ensure that you choose the correct washing service or you use the right cleaner to prevent your garment from damaged after laundry. Both existing and new customers can contact us online by dropping us an e-mail or call our experience and friendly service crew to help you to get a quote. They will be able to assist you your laundry list and provide you with a free consultation and offer you the best recommendation for each type of garments or cloth that you really need and cater for on the laundry service (i.e. load wash , normal laundry or press ironing only or dry cleaning)

Why do you need to choose the best dry cleaning service for your laundry?

Best dry cleaning Singapore services required more attention for delicate fabric materials or garments such as winter wears, men suit, wedding gown, leather jacket, curtains, costume, velvet and silk materials that require special delicate care which cannot withstand the rough and tumble of a washing machine and clothes dryer. We are the professional that you can find providing the best dry cleaning process that does not make use of water and uses only non-toxic environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals or solvents as a cleaner only that will

  • prevent the fabric materials from damaged and retain the texture of the fabric
  • prevent colour fading or colour bleeding
  • reduced fabric materials shrinkage
  • help to extend the shelf life of your garment
  • good performance in stain remover that can effectively clean your clothing, curtain, linen and carpet.

How does the best dry cleaning Singapore services be achieved?

Our company had a professional team that uses the advanced modern dry cleaning technology which could provide the best dry cleaning results that you want to achieve,  together with our specially selected environmental friendly solvents that will not damage any fabric to clean your laundry without water to cut-down intensive washing. These garments are cool on a deodorizing cycle to completely remove any traces of solvent, followed by circulating outside air over that passes through a vapor recovery filter made from activated carbon and polymer resins. After the aeration cycle, your garments are now completely clean and ready for press, packaging, delivery and collection.

Looking for a peace of mind, know what you want is important, make the right selection and contact us now for a pick up at your house door or companies or workplace. Rest assured the price listed is without any hidden cost and the money you spent is reasonable and the service that you are looking for is customer satisfaction guaranteed with LaundryCares.

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Dry Cleaning FAQ 

Q: What is Dry cleaning and Why do you need it?
A: Dry cleaning is a waterless cleaning method that uses chemical solvents as a cleaning agent to remove the dirt on your clothes. It is recommended for special dedicated fabrics such as silk, cashmere velvet, wool and taffeta that require extra care where it cannot be washed or tumble-dried that might cause shrinkage or colour run. It also prevents costume jewelry or beads sew on the clothes being detached. Highly recommended for curtains, Wedding gowns, Tuxedo, leather wear, baju kurong, designers’ label and winter wear.

Q: Why is dry cleaning cost more expensive compared to normal wash ?
A: In general dry cleaning cost is about 40-50% higher than normal wash due to the following reasons:-

  • High cost in investment for dry cleaning machinery
  • High maintenance cost of the dry cleaning machinery
  • High cost in the chemical solvent
  • Special train dry cleaners  required
  • Additional cost required for chemical disposal after used

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Q: Does the chemical solvents used for dry cleaning harmful to the human body ?
A: No, the chemical solvents used by us is recommended by the equipment manufacturer and is environmentally friendly that will not cause any harm to the human body.

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