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Affordable and efficient Hotel Laundry Service in Singapore

If you are looking for a hotel laundry service provider, we are the best choice. Outsource your hotel laundry service to us to resolve your labor crunch problems and focus on your valuable time and resources on your core activities. We are the most efficient laundry service provider in Singapore that we are committed to providing you the best service, collect and deliver your laundry and linen on time and every time with customer satisfaction guarantee.Contact us to discuss your needs so we could work out a competitive contract for you.

Commercial Hotel Laundry Service

LaundryCares is experienced in providing an efficient and high-quality commercial hotel laundry service for hotels in Singapore. Our team had been good working partners from six-star award hotels to boutique hotels in Singapore.No matter which market we keep our hotel laundry service and linen services cost effective and affordable for all.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner or something special to give your accommodation the edge over your competitors, we are here to help.We had a tailored special team for our hotel customer where we are able to provide housekeeping, dry cleaning and laundry service for

  • Hotel guest laundry service – 24hrs turnaround high quality reliable and efficient dry cleaning and laundry service
  • Hotel staff uniform laundry service – Daily dry clean and laundry service for all your hotel staff
  • Hotel room linen laundry – Daily wash and fold service for bed sheet, pillow case, bolster case, blankets, towels and floor mat
  • Hotel curtains dry cleaning – Periodic dry cleaning of blackout curtains, normal night curtains and day curtains
  • Hotel cushion covers- Periodic dry cleaning of leather sofa, leather cushion covers, and fabric cushion covers
  • Hotel restaurant laundry – wash and iron service for Chef uniforms, table cloth, napkins, cushion covers
  • Hotel Spa Laundry – Wash and fold service for Towels and Yukatas
  • Hotel carpet cleaning – Periodic carpet stain removal, extraction cleaning and sanitisation hygiene service
  • Hotel Matress cleaning – Periodic mattress sanitisation cleaning in removing dust mites
  • Hotel housekeeping service – We provide you trained housekeeping manpower for your operation
  • Hotel Linen Renta l- We are able to provide you linen rental service


4 Steps Why You Need To Change Laundry Service Provider

  • Step 1
    Identifying The Need. It is very clear that there is a need to change your laundry service provider to maximize your resource to generate more income for your business. Take this opportunity to find a solution and outsource your non-core activities. Work with a reliable partner that can provide a better quality of cleaning, all round customer service, whilst reducing your current expenditure.
  • Step 2
    Contact Us. Let our professional team provide you the necessary guidance to ensure that any changes in your laundry service provider will provide with minimal disruption to your organization. Contact us via e-mail or using the contact form.
  • Step 3
    Analysis. We will meet you personally discuss and analyze your requirements to the very finest detail to ensure you are satisfied with our one-stop affordable solution.
  • Step 4
    Implementation. We had lots of experience working closely with your hotel management and housekeeping staff to ensure a smooth transition. We provide effective recommendations to improve efficiencies within housekeeping to maximize the transition potential.

Why Choose Our Commercial Hotel Laundry Service?

  1. Stain Removal 
    We provide QC check to ensure stains are properly removed or lighten from your hotel linen. We can achieve this with our proprietary blend environmental friendly cleaning chemicals along with our highly skilled experienced workforce.
  2. Service
    Our focus is to provide all customers a one-stop solutions commercial hotel laundry service that removes much of the hassle and labor involved in managing your commercial hotel linen laundry.
  3. Delivery
    Our scheduler provides deliveries plan to optimize our vehicles in our fleet to provide an efficient delivery system.
  4. Consistency
    We emphasis on quality consistency from the very first day. Our machinery is well maintained and periodic service to ensure minimum downtime.Every piece of linen we receive is inspected and ensured to be returned.

Outsourcing your Commercial Hotel Laundry Service requirements allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business, allows staff to be more productive, reduces energy costs, and extends the life of your linen. Concentrate on more important elements of your business and let us worry about the laundry!

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Laundry clothes for Hotel guest and staff

We provide professional laundry services for your important hotel guests and valuable staff. Normal Laundry Wash and Iron for Ladies & Gentlemen. Dry Cleaning and iron clothes – Jacket, Sweater , Cardigan, Pullover and Winter Wear.

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Linen Laundry Services

Looking for affordable linen laundry services for your hotel?

Our price starting from $1.60 only! Bedsheets, Comforters, Quilts, Quilt Covers, Matress Protector, Blankets,Pillow Cases and Towels

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Curtain and Cushion Covers Cleaning Services

The Best Choice to solve your Curtain and cushion covers cleaning problems. We can even help you to remove and install back your Day and Night Curtains after washing for just a small fee.

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