Dry Cleaning Services Singapore

If you are looking for a dry cleaning services in Singapore, you need to look no further than Laundry Cares. They are aware of the delicate nature and special requirements needed to dry cleaning and have the skilled staff, trained to deal with your laundry problems.

While dry cleaning services do not use water, Landry Cares use only environmentally friendly non-toxic, cleaning materials. They believe in getting a good result first time every time so that your delicate materials are not subjected to rework. With a streamlined process, they are highly efficient and get the job done quickly without any detriment to your items.

The dry cleaning service offered is gentle on the most delicate of fabrics such as silk, velvet, costumes or your winter wears that cannot withstand the rough and tumble of normal washing. Large heavy articles like curtains will extend their life with our quick and simple, kind yet thorough services.

When you have any items but especially delicate ones, it is necessary to look at the label for care instructions of the fabric. All products should display a washing instructions label. Following these instructions ensures that the fabric is kept in top condition during and after cleaning.

At Laundry cares our trained staff are skilled in dealing with your laundry problems and our efficient service means you are not without your items for very long. Our well-maintained machinery we have no unforeseen hold ups through breakdowns, ensuring your laundry is always ready when promised.

Their team of professionals uses advanced, modern technology for the best dry cleaning results. Using only specially selected solvents that will not damage any fabric and yet eliminate the use of water. These solvents prevent color running or fading, retain the texture of the fabric, have a stain remover built in so no extra procedures required.

The lack of need for water reduces the chance of fabrics shrinking too. The solvents are environmentally friendly and remove the need for washing, rinsing-spinning and drying which cause damage and wear to delicate fabrics. Garments also have a deodorizing cycle while cooling which removes all traces of solvent and they are finally subjected to fresh air which is filtered through a vapor recovery system of carbon and polymer.

After this cycle, your garments are completely clean and fresh, ready for pressing, packing, and delivery back to you on the day promised by our efficient and friendly booking team. So when you are looking for a fast reliable dry cleaning service in Singapore you need look no further as you have already found the best.

If you drop them an email or give them a quick call, with your laundry details and fabric requirements their friendly staff will be glad to help you and will be able to identify your specific laundry needs. They will then arrange for pick up and be able to tell you when your laundry will be returned to you.