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We understand that it is very inconvenience for customer to carry their dirty laundry to the laundry shop and collect them after washing.Most of the time customer wanted laundry service is because of convenience and have more time for other activities. Some of the items like curtain, linen and carpets which are very heavy and bulky which make it very difficult for you or your staff to handle. It is very common that customers sign up a regular routine contract on laundry pick up and delivery service in this way our drivers are more productive and efficient. Customers that provide us with referrals in the same shopping mall, hospitals and condominium enjoy mass volume discount from our savings in transportation, parking and CBD charges which make it win – win for both parties.

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Laundry pick up service

We provide full range of dry cleaning and laundry services at your doorstep

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Laundry pick up service for dry cleaning

Dry Cleaning Services for all sector in Singapore.

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Laundry Service

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Laundry Cares Free laundry delivery service makes life so easy!