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Express Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

It’s normal to plan, but you can’t plan for absolutely everything. Sometimes things conspire against us and we find ourselves in need of a service urgently.

Laundry Cares understands, which is why we offer express dry cleaning in Singapore so that you don’t have to panic!

Whether it’s a business service, or a hotel guest, or just for yourself- attending events, weddings or work functions can present a challenge. Schedules are tight and turnarounds are quick, so it’s easy to understand how things can slip your mind.

You’ve planned for everything and then you realize that your suit, or gown, is still hanging in the closet and you never even thought to check it. You slip it off of the hanger and realize it smells stale because it has been a while since you wore it. Or, you remember that you had a little spill the last time you had it on and thought you’d remember to have it dry cleaned, but it slipped your mind.

You’re in town for business, but you need your suit dry cleaned and pressed for a business meeting tomorrow afternoon, or you have a flight to catch and no time to waste.

You’re going out of town for business and want to make a great impression during your pitch, and need your dress crisp and clean.

Worse still, a bride has had an accident and her dress is in need of a dry clean and she needs it fast! It doesn’t really matter how you’ve found yourself in this position, what matters is that someone is available to remedy it.

Enter Laundry Cares, we are happy to negotiate the additional fee for an express service, depending on just how quick your turnaround is. With a service that operates 7 days a week, we are always available to take care of your dry cleaning needs. We work hard to provide our customers just the service they need, whenever they need it and at a fair price to boot.

If you’re a business, such as a hotel that wants to be able to offer their guests an added express dry cleaning service,then feel free to contact us to discuss a long-term arrangement. We’ll work with you to get your garment back to you within the timeframe that you require.

Our prices are an excellent value, and if you want to discuss your requirements with us you can send us an email, or call and speak to our customer service team directly. You may find competitors in the area that offer cheaper services, but they offer a lesser service. With Laundry Cares you get more bang for your buck, and the highest quality of service possible


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