Aviation and airlines laundry services in Singapore

We understand that the laundry in your aircraft or private jet needs fast turnaround time. From our experience working with airlines companies, there is absolutely zero tolerance for error on their laundry. You required absolute needs an efficient, reliable and experienced laundry service provider. Time and speed are always a critical factor where you can’t leave behind your cushion covers or blankets when your plane takes off.

The crucial element for serving the airlines or aviation industry is coordination and communication. Every information and instructions pass down throughout the value chain had to be accurate as possible, you need great alignment with aircraft cleaning service providers to ensure efficient collection and delivery with minimum people involved to ensure throughout the whole process there is no any opportunity for security threats or violations that is able to penetrate into the laundry of linens and textile.

We also handle laundry in the airline, business and first class lounge at all our airport terminals. We are proud to be part of the value chain in the aviation and airline industries in meeting exemplary highest quality standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Our airlines dry cleaning and laundry services include cleaning of

  • Airline blankets and cushion covers
  • Airline lounges’ bath mats, bath towels, face towels, bedsheets, curtains, napkins, table cloth and etcAirline and lounge crew staff uniforms
  • Airline and lounge crew staff uniforms



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Q: How do you ensure that information is properly communicated ?

A :  We have a dedicated team of customer service crew handling different accounts where they are contactable through e-mail,  mobile and online customer support. We are also able to arrange a single point of contact in serving you.

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