Best Dry Cleaning Service in Singapore

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We are the best dry cleaning service provider in Singapore with services always intend to deliver the best service to their customers at very reasonable prices. By using the most modern technology and non-toxic environmentally cleaning materials they stay at the top of their game in service and customer satisfaction. With highly trained staff and a collection and delivery service, they solve all your laundry needs.

They consider the importance of every single item in your laundry whether it is silk, sequins, fur or leather, each piece is treated with individual care and treated with time and attention. Our aim is to return every item in its original condition, so that when you wear it again it feels brand new.  have demanding standards of our work and our quality control is strict. We attend to every detail and work to achieve our customer’s highest expectations. Our skilled staff work to a high standard, we do not settle for mediocre.

Work clothes are a large part of our business with clients in healthcare, laboratories, hotels, restaurants, banks, security and factories. From white coats to pilots’ uniforms, suits to rugs they all need to be pristine to give the business a top quality Image

As with the linen, we launder for hospitals, it too is their image. Sheets, towels, table linen, curtains, bed linen, rugs, in a professional environment, crisp clean and fresh, is the image you wish to convey. In the same way, linen is equally important for hotels and restaurants. These still require our best attention and skilled service to make sure everything is clean and bright as the day it was new.It would be unhygienic for us to place your clean garments back in the same bag normally we had segregation for soil and clean laundry bags.

With our seven-day free delivery service, and our quick turnaround times, your business needs never be short of fresh clean uniforms or linen should those last minute arrangements occur. This is very important for our clients as most of them work around the clock, so we work 7 days a week to make sure they always have the clean, fresh laundry their business needs.

With well-serviced machinery and well-trained staff, our efficient and dedicated service will ensure that you or your business will benefit from our quick turn-around times. With our one-stop complete laundry service means you do not need to go anywhere else for special requirements. A quick call to our helpful staff with soon get to the bottom or your full laundry requirements.

This means that you do not have to worry about contacting different suppliers to get your laundry and dry cleaning was done. Our one stop solution can do it all for you without you leaving your office. We will collect and deliver according to arrangements and you will have clean, fresh laundry at hand anytime it is needed.

Laundry Services aim to be the best and with all these things in their favour, they certainly seem to achieve that aim. Whatever your laundry requirements a quick call or an email we will provide them the information they need to fulfill your request. With skillful staff to help, you find the right solution every time.

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