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Gym Laundry Service Singapore

We are the specialist in providing country club, spa, salon and gym laundry service to our customers. Let us understand your need and requirement and we could work out an attractive value contract for you.

Everyone in Singapore leads a hectic and fast pace lifestyle in their daily life.It is the responsibility of everybody to stay healthy and after work some of us will head to the gym and sweat it out, some will choose to relax and go to the salon or health center for a spa or massage.It is paramount to provide clean and fresh robes, bedsheet, blanket, towels and clothes to you loyal customers and new members that had just joined the first impression last.

Let us handle all your laundry operations so that you could focus your time, space and resource in running your daily operations and provide better service to your customer. A happy customer will give you more referrals and grow your business and a happy staff will worker harder in providing better service.

If you let your employees handle the laundry operations, it is a time consuming and heavy choir, your staff, need to report work early or stay back late to handle the laundry.You are spending money on unnecessary overtime, water, electrical, cleaning detergent and laundry equipment as well as not fully utilize the space for your business. Your staff will be over work and might not feel happy; worst if they keep your laundry overnight it the machine it will smell stale and over time, your laundry will turn moldy if it was not dried thoroughly.

Let us provide you with a low priced solution to solve your laundry problems.Give us an email, tell us your needs or book online or give us a call to our friendly customer service crew to provide a country club, spa, salon and gym laundry service contract with attractive rates that you could not resist.

Wellness and Spa Laundry

Wellness and SPA laundry are targeted group of consumers that require  premium service from our customers. It is very common that during SPA treatment essential oil is being used and the essential oil will be left behind a stain on the linen and towels after the SPA treatment. If the essential oil stain on the linen was not properly removed, it will give off a stale smell over time and it will be even more challenging to remove it completely. We will provide pretreatment using talcum powder on the initial removal before washing followed by a double cycle hot water wash to removed the essential oil completely.The pretreatment and double wash process will definitely incur more cost that why the rates of this service could vary depending on the essential oil used.The premium price paid for this additional service by our customers need justification and our operations team will provide our customers the best recommendation.We can always work out a one week trial before customers commit a long term contract or agreement with us.

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