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Do you require express laundry service for hotel guest or express laundry service business or express laundry service home? We understand that most of us have a very tight schedule in attending different functions or wedding. At times when we were busy handling other activities we had forgotten that our evening gowns or suits that were kept in our closet for a long time require to be wash before wearing as sometimes due to improper storage your gown or suits in the closet had a stale smell and you require to wash it before wearing it.
During such occasion, you definitely require an express laundry to help you to solve this problem. Laundry Cares provide express laundry service to service your need but every express service had to top up with additional fee depends on how fast you require your laundry to turn around. If you considered to engage us for a long term contract this additional fee is negotiable , we had contracts with refineries and business that require daily laundry and fast turnaround time. You can assure that our price is value for money, kindly always drop us an e-mail  or  speak to our customer service crew so that we could arrange a discussion to provide you an economical solution.

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